Electronic Platforms

Leveraging the latest digital trends

We take an agile approach by leveraging internal resources, the Fintech sector, academic institutions and more. Our ambition is to provide innovative tools that match clients’ digital needs.


CENTRIC is the integrated digital banking platform that gives corporate & institutional clients instant access to the spectrum of BNP Paribas’ online financial services on a global scale.

Smart Derivatives

Our digital platform dedicated to equity and commodity derivatives. It takes investors from market opportunities to pricing and trading.



A dedicated range of front-to-back end products and services. Our award-winning platform provides intuitive and innovative FX, structured products, market intelligence and post-trade products and services.

Discover the Cortex range

Cortex CD

Our online cross-commodity trading platform

Cortex Deposit

Our corporate deposits platform, allowing you to quickly consult and securely trade deposits

Cortex FX

Cortex FX is BNP Paribas’ advanced multi-product FX trading platform

Cortex iX

Cortex intelligent execution (iX) is the cutting edge FX spot algorithm execution service from BNP Paribas

Cortex Plus

Cortex plus is our online derivative structures platform, providing live pricing and simple click and trade execution

Cortex Rates

CORTEX Rates offers a comprehensive range of Fixed Income Interest Rates products and services

Cortex Secondary

Cortex Secondary is BNP Paribas’ secondary market trading platform

Cortex Listed

Our best-in-class Execution Management System for listed derivatives trading, powered by Fidessa