Equity Derivatives

A derivatives powerhouse

BNP Paribas has over 25 years experience in the equity derivatives market and we are well-known for our capabilities in providing a comprehensive product range of diverse solutions across both flow and structured products. We are focused on designing new strategies and innovative solutions to meet all our clients’ demands.


Our strengths

Diversified business model

We are recognised for our expertise in designing derivatives-based strategies and trading infrastructure. BNP Paribas is as strong in flow products as we are in bespoke structured solutions.

Index innovation

BNP Paribas provides a wide range of indices from Risk Premia to multi-asset quantitative indices, options overlay and the Target Income Enhanced Returns (TIER) Index. We cover our clients’ needs, with thematic, quantitative, market access and optimised indices.

Sustainable investments

We help institutional investors channel funds into responsible and productive investments, and we advise on and build sustainable investments solutions for retail distributors. We have developed a responsible index range and have partnered with supranationals to launch equity-linked green growth bonds.

Sophisticated solutions

In response to the increasingly complex and challenging market environment, we have allocated a team of experts who are dedicated to working closely with you to develop bespoke and innovative solutions which answer your specific needs. In addition, our innovative framework, known as Alternative Risk Transactions (A.R.T.), leverages our strategic positions to create investor opportunities.

Electronic offer

Smart Derivatives

Invest in structured products across equity and interest
rate derivatives using our simple and transparent web-
based platform.