Foreign Exchange &

Local Markets

Leveraging onshore presence with
offshore capabilities

By helping producers hedge their currency exposure, corporates repatriate revenues and bank ALMs hedge local markets exposures, we ensure that our activities form a critical part of the real economy. Our strong investor base complements our franchise.

Our strengths

Derivatives leader in fx options, hybrids and exotics

We are the reference house for FX options and we manage one of the largest hybrid/exotics books in the market.

Onshore presence & offshore capabilities facilitate market access

CEEMEA is an accelerating growth region. We have 45 years on-the-ground experience and are active across 18 countries.
This positions us perfectly to respond to the diverse and dynamic opportunities experienced by our clients across the region.

The Group’s retail presence in Turkey, Poland and North Africa offers the benefit of creating client flows which are uncorrelated to the institutional market.

We have both onshore and offshore capabilites in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

We have a full banking license in 12 APAC markets. We are a top-tier market maker in Asian currencies.

Electronic offer

Cortex FX

Our advanced multi-product FX trading platform. It offers a
single point of entry to a range of intelligent electronic FX
products and services.

Cortex IX

Our award-winning FX spot algorithm execution service. It
provides access to bespoke algorithmic strategies designed
to capture price improvement, minimise market impact and
achieve optimal execution while reducing overall
transaction costs.