Global Presence

A European bank with a global reach

We are a leading European bank and a prominent global institution. Outside of our strong European heritage, we have a significant on-the-ground presence in the Americas and in Asia-Pacific in both developed and emerging markets.


BNP Paribas has been present in the Americas for more than a century. It provides capital markets, securities services, financing, treasury and advisory solutions to corporates and institutional investors, together with an extensive retail banking network in the United States.

Our strengths

Strong North American Footprint

North America is our 2nd largest market, with 16,000 employees serving institutional investors, corporate clients, and nearly 2 million retail customers through 500+ branches and business centers. The establishment of BNP Paribas USA (our US holding company) confirms our long-term commitment to the US market, where we are one of a handful of non-US banks with the scale, resources and ambition to be a major competitor in the region.

Global Gateway

As one of the largest global banks, we are a gateway for American clients to get a foothold in EMEA and/or APAC as well as a partner for European clients looking into the American markets. This positioning enables us to be knowledgeable of transatlantic flows and offer a more comprehensive point of view to our clients.

Deep Local Markets Access

We have been present in Latin America since 1914, when we opened a representative office in Argentina. Today we have expanded to six Latin American countries with nearly 4,000 employees, offering a full suite of institutional and corporate solutions. We play a major role with companies wishing to invest or establish themselves in the area, as we are able to overlay our global knowledge with local markets expertise.

Award WInning Derivatives Legacy

With over 30 years in the derivatives business, we have technical skills to develop tangible solutions for specific client needs and are constantly working together to manage portfolio risks in volatile and ever-changing markets. Our legacy in building sophisticated solutions has been successfully awarded throughout the industry and across asset classes.


BNP Paribas has a strong heritage in the Asia-Pacific region, having established our presence over 150 years ago. Today the bank offers one of the region’s most comprehensive branch networks and provides investors with products and solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

Our strengths

Extensive Range of Banking Products & Services in APAC

With over 16,000 employees and a presence in 14 markets, we offer a wide range of financial services across corporate & institutional banking, wealth management, asset management and insurance. We have strategic partnerships within retail banking and consumer financing.

Strong Local Access Capabilities

Since establishing our first branches in China and India in 1860, we’ve expanded our franchise across 24 business centers in APAC. With 12 full banking licenses in the region, we are able to provide comprehensive banking services to our local clients.

Partnership and Strategic Equity Ownership

Through partnerships and equity ownership, we have developed strategic collaborations with leading local institutions, small and medium enterprises and corporate banks, providing us with access to a branch network in the region.

Comprehensive Market Intelligence

We have industry recognized Macro Economists and experienced Strategists based across APAC, who offer a regional and country outlook for major economies and timely tradable ideas. We also provide insightful equity research focusing on 4 core sectors – Energy & Renewables, Financials & Property, Consumer and Technology, Media & Telecommunications.


BNP Paribas has presence across most financial centres in Europe. Thanks to our strong local representation and long-standing relationships with governments and regulators we can offer unparalleled access to European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

Our strengths

Strong Understanding of Regulatory & Political Landscapes

Our ongoing engagement with public entities, market authorities and regulators, couple with our status as a leading Central Bank counterparty as part of the European Purchase Program, means that our clients benefit from our strong understanding of local regulations and political landscapes.

Access to a Diverse Marketplace

In a post-Brexit shifting regulatory environment, we are able to leverage our breadth of experience across not only European markets but also our global presence to ensure our clients continue to have access to a diverse marketplace.

Sophisticated Solutions

We offer liquidity on all major exchanges in Europe, and cover the full spectrum of underlying asset classes, in every European currency. We also create bespoke solutions fitted to our clients’ needs.

Strong Foothold in CEEMEA

Our leading and distinct position in several local markets in CEEMEA gives us a strong competitive edge. We are able to combine our local knowledge and relationships with our international scale to provide solutions for risk management and investment needs.