Primary & Credit Markets

A fully integrated credit offering

Our combined Primary and Credit business enables us to realise synergies while maintaining strict boundaries between the public and private sides. We excel by being able to advise clients throughout the entire credit continuum from origination through execution to secondary market trading and post trade services.

Our strengths

Global issuance base

Our on-the-ground presence, domestically and globally, enhances our abilities in complex, multi-market and multi-currency issuance.

We are a leading arranger in Asian bond markets, providing seamless execution and distribution for issuers looking to access both international and local markets.

One of the few foreign banks with non-financial corporate bonds underwriting license in China.

Strong european base with global market access

We are consistently recognised as the leading European bond provider, with a decades-long presence in our principal markets and an impressive global footprint.

We provide market-making in all core global currencies.

We make prices on 1,600 credits across three main hubs in 70 countries.

Top bank in corporate acquisition financing

We work with companies from the initial financing stage to the debt capital markets takeout.

Collateralised loan obligations

In the five years since we entered the business, we have risen to 6th and 7th largest CLO arranger in Americas and EMEA respectively*.

Source: *Dealogic & Credit Flux Market Intelligence, 2017

Sole provider of dedicated credit relative value effort on the sell-side

Robust methodology has resulted in a steady performance over the past 14 years.

  • H1 2018 – success/fail ratio of 81%/19% on 103 trades closed since the beggining of the year.
  • FY 2017 –¬†success/fail ratio of 75%/25% based on 135 trades closed.*

Source BNP Paribas July 2018
Past performance is not an indication of future performance which may be better or worse than prior results

Electronic offer


Omega provides a one-stop shop for all Sales activities by
centralising real-time trading information. It integrates flow
derivative products including single name CDSs and CDS
indices as well as efficient MIFID-compliant workflow